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"woven from life itself" | August 22 - October 30 | Norway House

Check out Norway House website for gallery hours.

To make a purchase of art email both Nik Fernholz at and the artist directly.

In partnership with Norway House's Minnesota Peace Initiative—which serves to foster engagement related to peace issues and peacemaking efforts worldwide—the group exhibit will feature local artists as well as artists from Norway.

Celebrating disability pride and pride in other identities the exhibit reflects the diverse cultural and ethnic community that makes up the neighborhood of Norway House.

Featuring art by: David "Mack" McDonnell-Forney | Minnesota, USA - Janette Tafoya Giles | Minnesota, USA - Ingrid Hansen | Minnesota, USA - Frode Felipe Schjelderup | Stavanger, Norway

Highlighting Norwegian documentarian and musician: Heidi Benedict Sundby | Oslo, Norway, Bjørn Hatterud | Oslo, Norway

and featuring “Little Waterfall” by William Britt

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Three paintings: one a profile portrait of a man with a beard over a green background; one a nude female torso in pink, purple, and blue with yellow speckles; one a partial portrait of a shirtless man on a green background.

"Finding Myself in Color" | Avery Hunter | July 7 - September 9 | Blythe Brenden-Mann Community Center at MIDB | Opening Reception July 7th from 5:00-7:00 | Artist Talk at 4:00p

2022 is Art for All's year to celebrate disability pride and pride in identity. Avery Hunter expresses this pride through the practice of art. Living and identifying as a transgender man with autism, schizoaffective disorder, ADHD and rheumatoid arthritis Avery explores what it means to be human in his work.

"I have been driven to accomplish distinct aesthetics in my work through the levels of psychosis that I experience. The amount of color in my work speaks to the freedom I feel in expressing my voice creatively, and the subject matter I present in quite a few art pieces advocates for those who need to be represented without stigmas, such as the LGBTQ+ community and people with disabilities. Yet there is more to one’s identity than their belonging in these communities. Therefore, I continue to explore what it means to be human in my work."

Read Hunter's full article in ICI's FYI monthly newsletter: FYI

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"Beauty in Motion" | May 23-June 24 

Two locations | Open to the University of Minnesota Faculty, Students and Staff and to the public by appointment. 

Blythe Brenden-Mann Community Center at MIDB | 2025 E. River Road, Minneapolis, MN 55414

University of Minnesota Department of Art, Regis West Gallery | 418 21st Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55454

More than two dozen art student-led by AJ Molle from the Transition Plus School , post-secondary education presents us with "Beauty in Motion which provides a glimpse into their personal and collective lives through an array of mediums from watercolor to paper mache.  Every human being goes through a period of change in their lives and this is their story through the lens of art. Lena Osman is a featured artist mentoring the students during the Spring 2022 term. 

Examples of artwork in the ICI Staff group show. One a floral painting in oranges and pinks with some greenery; another a grey painted background with a partial human figure made of orange measuring tape; and another a highly textured dyed paper pulp in blues, purples, and greens.

"ICI Staff Group Show" | March 16 - April 29 | Blythe Brendan-Mann Community Center at MIDB

Staff, fellows and graduate students from the Institute on Community Integration showcase a different side of their individuality through a new exhibit at the Brendan-Mann Community Center. Sarah Curtner, Rebecca Dosch Brown, Nik Fernholz, Rachel Freeman, Faith Jones, Maryam Mahmoudi, Pete McCauley, Mark Olson, Uma Oswald and Alicia Zhang are the featured staff artists in the show.

Artwork hanging in a gallery space above a couch and small table. Non-representational painting in orange, purple, and cream colors. Predominantly orange mixed media piece featuring a collaged chicken wearing a hat and boots, a map, and ice cream cone, a tree, and the text "this chicken lives with another chicken."

entrance | Oct 13-Feb 28

Art for All’s entrance is the first art exhibit inside the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain at the University of Minnesota, the new home of the Institute on Community Integration.  The title celebrates the emerging careers of four local artists in the Twin Cities area, and also welcomes visitors to the Blythe Brenden-Mann Community Center in the MIDB annex.

Learn more about the show and artists in ICI’s FYI monthly newsletter

Two visitors look at and discuss paintings in a gallery. Large scale abstract paintings in a gallery space.

cliffs are poet(z)

Art for All’s largest exhibit to date, cliffs are poet(z), opened in summer 2021, featuring the work of eight diverse artists with disabilities in the Northrup King Building in northeast Minneapolis, the largest art complex in Minnesota. The exhibit covered about 3,600 square feet and was dedicated to Cliff Poetz, Art for All’s longest-serving advisory committee member and a nationally recognized disability activist who died in March 2021. 

To learn more about the exhibition please read our feature article in ICI’s FYI monthly newsletter or listen to the interview on Minnesota Public Radio . Lindsey Mooreland, one of the eight artists was featured in St. Paul Pioneer Press during the show.

Black and white and a touch of color. The artisit Donna Ray smiling in her studio space and holding a piece of her ceramic work.

Black and White with a Touch of Color

In spring 2021, Art for All presented Black and White with a Touch of Color, a solo exhibition of the work of artist Donna Ray, who donated her piece, “Lefty Guitar,” to the program. She also spoke virtually to high school art students who were selling their work as a donation to Art for All, and was interviewed for a livestreamed event by Nik Fernholz, Art for All program manager.

To learn more about this exhibition please visit ICI’s monthly newsletter, FYI .