Current Exhibits

Ceramic artist Donna Ray wearing sunglasses and an orange shirt holding a string of beads

Ceramic artist Donna Ray, known for her exhibitions with Art for All, presents her latest collection of intricate sculptures at The Mill Yard in Stonebridge Lofts . Combining functionality with artistic expression, Ray's work captivates viewers. The gallery hosted a public reception on April 14th, but you can still immerse yourself in the magic of "Form, Figure & Firework" by scheduling a private viewing. Reach out to to arrange your visit.

MIDB staff art exhibition

Discover the artistic talents of MIDB staff showcased in an exclusive exhibition presented by the Masonic Institute for the Developing Brain’s Art Curatorial Program, in collaboration with Art for All through the Institute on Community Integration.

Upcoming Exhibits

silhouettes of Prague buildings in various colors

The "Inclusion Collection" at the IASE conference comprises five distinctly curated exhibitions, poised to showcase a compelling theme while emphasizing distinct perspectives. June 28th -July 1, 2024