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Collaborating with art organizations and partnering with artists with disabilities we help strengthen their art practice by celebrating and promoting artists’ work and providing inclusive space so they may expand their profession and fulfill valued roles in their communities of choice.

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New Exhibit is Now Open at Northrup King Bldg

Listen to MPR News interview "Art for All show aims to challenge and include"

Artist of the Week: Lindsey Moreland

Read the feature story in the Pioneer Press about Lindsey.
Exhibit Title: cliff are poet(z);Art Work titled "Meerkat" by Lindsey Moreland next to a photo of Lindsey Moreland
Lindsey Moreland Bio:

When I was 17 years old, I got the opportunity to see a presentation given by Temple Grandin, an activist and person living with autism. After she was done speaking, I went up to her and said, “I have autism, too.” She replied, “Great. Now what are your strengths and goals? Do that.” 

There was a point in high school when I would come home and just do art naturally, and the more I drew, the more I wanted to create. I’m inspired by so many passions in life and when I think of something, I just want to draw it. Like the movie Titanic, or the character Betty Boop, or my favorite artist of all time, Frida Kahlo, whose portrait I draw over and over again. 

Despite growing up with autism, I am fortunate to have strong support from my family and the inspiration that Temple gave me to do more with my life. As my mom would say, “There were a lot of ups and downs,” so it inspired us to tell our family story in a book I co-wrote with my aunt Linda Wagner, Autism: A Family Lives Beyond the Label. Each of us contributed our own perspective in hopes it will support other families. We also wrote a second book, a children’s story titled, Little Lindsey’s Haircut, which is a personal story that you must read. 

I am always doing something, and I always have the need for the next adventure in my life. My second language is Spanish, and I was so happy to be hired by Target to support them as one of their Spanish-speaking team members. The experience at Target has been good for me. I’ve found everyone to be very inclusive and they work with me on anything I need. Recently, I bought a house with my sister Brittany, and I’m so excited to set up an art studio in my new home. 

These, and all the experiences I have along the way, provide me with the inspiration to continue making art.

Thurs: 3:00-7:00 | Sat: 12:00-4:00

Reception | August 5 | 4-8p | Prog. at 6p

Northrup King Building | 1500 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 | Free parking


Dan Stallsworth, Donna Ray, Geordy Levin, Jessica Williams, Katharine Fitzgerald, Lindsey Moreland, Lydia Sponslier, Nicole Noblet

Beginning July 5, we will feature "Artist of the Week" including their story as an artist and making art as a person with a disability. 

MSS - Fresh Eye Gallery

Thanks to MSS for supporting Dan Stallsworth and Jessica Williams


cliffs are poet(z)
  • Sun. July 24, St. Paul Pioneer Press mentions "cliffs are poet(z)" show in a write-up about artist Lindsey Moreland.
  • Wed. July 14, MPR News aired an interview with Art for All. Listen to "Art for All show aims to challenge and include"
  • "cliffs are poet(z)", featuring 8 artists will run from 7/15-8/28, open Thursdays and Saturdays (times subject to change*) at the Northrup King Building. Reception the evening of August 5, 4-8, program at 6. 

    • 3rd Floor Gallery #332
    • 1500 Jackson St NE, Mpls
    • Thursday  | 3:00-7:00
    • Saturday | 12:000-4:00
      • *7/31 | 1:00-3:00
      • *8/05 |4:00-8:00 
      • *8/14 | 12:00-2:00 

*Masks are not required in the Northrup King Building if you are fully vaccinated. Those who are not fully vaccinated are asked to wear a mask. 

  • Donna Ray kicked off her solo exhibition with an artist talk on April 1, 2021. See the video at her Virtual Art Show.
  • Art for All visited the art students Buffalo High School on March 26 and interviewed Jon Holtz-art teacher, Carrie Schmitt-special ed teacher,  Justas Emery-student and Mackay Warner-student
  • On February 19, featuring artist, Donna Ray, and program manager, Nik Fernholz presented to Buffalo High School students the history of artists with disabilities and the steps blind artists make to create art