Sheryl and David Evelo, in partnership with ICI, founded the Art for All endowment in 2012, in memory of their daughter Stephanie Evelo (1969–2012), a gifted artist and dedicated ICI employee and colleague.

Today, Art for All: The Stephanie Evelo Program for Art Inclusion at the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Community Integration, supports the work of emerging and professional artists with disabilities by connecting them with the wider community through exhibits and events. These events create inclusive spaces for discussing, promoting, and selling artists’ work, enhancing the community’s understanding of artists with disabilities and their vision of the world. The program embodies ICI’s mission of improving policies and practices to ensure that all children, youth, and adults with disabilities, and those receiving educational supports, are valued by and contribute to their communities of choice.

Show your art with Art for All:

We invite artists to participate in future shows. If you are an artist or know someone who wants to be part of an art exhibition, please email Program Manager Nik Fernholz at

Stephanie Evelo wearing glasses and a pink shirt with a black blazer.

Committee Members

White woman with blonde hair wearing octagonal glasses and earrings smiling, standing outside.

Rebecca Dosch Brown, Adviser

Bearded white man wearing glasses and a blazer smiling, standing outside.

Mark Olson,  Adviser

Bearded white man in a patterned button-up shirt smiling, standing outside.

Nik Fernholz, Program Manager,

Young white woman with long brown hair smiling.

Uma Oswald, Adviser

Black woman with long dark hair, her hands pressed together at the fingertips.

Lissa Karpeh, Adviser

Bearded white man wearing glasses and a black shirt.

James Rocco, Adviser

Bearded Black man wearing glasses and a blue shirt smiling, inside.

Macdonald Metzger, Adviser

White woman wearing glasses and a white blouse.

Andy Thaden, Adviser

Sheryl and David Evelo smiling, standing outside with snow covered trees and ground behind them.

Sheryl and David Evelo, Founders