Exhibit: Black and White with a Touch of Color by Donna Ray

“Black and White with a touch of color; is not a statement or just a title. It is the way I see images and the colors I see them as, in a kaleidoscope pattern of distribution black, white and grays.” ~ Donna Ray

Exhibit Description

Ray’s solo exhibition, “Black and White with a Touch of Color” running from April 15-May 31 grasps the fantastical anthropomorphic and abstract creatures while balancing creativity with practicality and historical conversation.

This exhibit is in connection with the Buffalo High School’s ceramics project, led by art teacher Jon Holtz in which students create ceramic bowls, auction the art and donate the proceeds to further support artists with disabilities. Ray presented to the students on February 19 describing her practice, the barriers, and pivots of being an artist with a visual disability, and the excitement of learning from fellow artists.

As a ceramic artist Ray works with her visual disability, or as she calls it “differently-abled”, using tactile recognition and color research to create sculptural art which reflects conceptualized identification. Ray tells us in the end, regardless of your creativity, “Always write about your art. Always write about your art even if it's on a postcard. Someway, somehow tell your story.”

FYI Newsletter

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Artist Statement

"I identify as a visually impaired, very blind, proud woman of color. I wear my disability with honor, and yet it is only one-sixteenth of who I am as an individual. My disability is from birth and has never stopped me from living an exciting and extraordinary life.   

Living and experiencing life through my ceramics is like food to my soul. It always reminds me of exactly who I am and where I am journeying in this world as a disabled individual.  

When I write these sentences, I am speaking about inclusion in our existence in the total artistic society within the rest of humanity. Over the years I searched for mentors of other severely visually impaired female ceramists. I have yet to find them in the State of Minnesota.

I received my art education from Bloomington Art Center, now known as Artistry and the Northern Clay Center (NCC). Through my professional development, I am humbled to receive multiple honors, awards, and exhibitions. I have been part of the ROHO Collective at the Copeland Gallery and MRAC Midway Gallery, the Minnesota Women’s Ceramic Artists show at the MSP Airport, Foot in the Door 5 at MIA, and the Emerging Artists Show at NCC; just to name a few. I was honored with receiving the BISQUE Residency at the NCC in 2019 and The Workshop Residency in 2021. My proudest moments are receiving the HOPE Grant and being featured in studiopotter.org.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the show." ~ Donna Ray

Special Thanks | Laurie Ryan, Richard Vincent, Kyle Rudy-Kholehepp and the Northern Clay Center, Buffalo High School, Jon Holtz, Carrie Schmitt, Justas Emery, Mackay Warner, and all the students in Ceramics 2 Buffalo High Art class.

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Ceramic 3d Goat childish playful eye shut wink and tongue wagging, holding a basket to collect holiday goodies. This is Krampus goat as a baby. His head sits onto a jar to hold cookies and treats.

Not For Sale

Bianca Year of the Metal Rat-2020

Ceramic 3d anthropomorphic rat sitting, blue headpiece and scarf, pink lips, metal whiskers. Rat sits on a circular plate with inscriptions of names and dates surrounding it.


Double Ring Dry Basket-2020

Ceramic 3d loosely coiled green basket with loops on top and diagonal slits on the side


Peacock Herbs Basket-2020

Ceramic 3d glazed basket or vase containing two images of peacocks brushed with blue stain.


Asian Taper Basket-2020

Abstract tapered triangle, sweater pattern textured basket, yellow, blue white colors.


Chook the Garden Rooster meets  Rocco the baby Raccoon (Wine Caddy)-2018

Porcelain standing white rooster  with gold beak and red and blue tail. Clay sitting raccoon with gold eyes on circular plate. Wine holders in between animals. Stains cobalt/copper and assorted enamels, highlights with silver, gold, copper and primary color red blue yellow


Crown Lemur Monkeys Flower Brick-2017

Ceramic 3d Vase, unglazed surface revealing six heads, three faces and three without. each head correlating with each face and hand gestures of see, hear and speak no evil. Lid has 23 domed peaks each with a hole for a flower stem


Blue Lefty Guitar (Clock MUSEUM encased)-2016

Ceramic 3d blue over white slip & cobalt & black stains guitar floating over museum encased frame with clock mechanisms.


Lady in Braids (self-portrait)-2013

Gray-beige with brown lowlights on ceramic 3d, image of face with cornrow braids wrapped around object to back revealing platform as a stand


Mortar & Pestle Set-2020

Blue and brown glazed oblong and round mortar and pestle sets

$90 (sets sold separately)

Long handle spoon rest-2020

red, yellow and blue 15 inch ceramic spoons

$30 (red)

$45 (yellow & blue)

Short 3D zip-code project Bird spoon rest-2020 & Salt Cellars (yellow and pink & navy with yellow polka dots)-2021

blue bird ceramic 3d spoon rest and two small bowls, one with yellow and pink polka dots and the other with navy and yellow polka dots

Spoon rest: $50

Salt Cellars: $30 each

Short 3D zip-code project Bird spoon rest-2020

three ceramic birds, two yellow and one red, spoon rests

$50 (each)

Trivet 2D zip-code project Balloon and Abstract-2021

two square ceramic plates, front plate glazed in blue and green, back plate glazed in greens and yellows, etched with zip codes

$140 (each)